03 July, 2011

Crochet Bunny

 Somehow this post got lost as draft in my archive... Can't explain how this could happen. However, I hope you like it nevertheless.

A friend of mine had a little baby girl some time ago and I took this chance to design this cute crochet bunny for her. I wanted to make something pretty without being too girly, and I'm pretty pleased with this one. :-) Even though little Miss P. is still to young to decide if she likes it, her mommy does. 
I could write a pattern if there's a demand. Just let me know! I used Drops Paris and a 5mm hook.


  1. Hihi, seit langem wieder mal auf deiner Seite und was seh ich da? Unser Hasilein :-)

    Little Miss P. hat nun auch schon Bekanntschaft mit ihm gemacht und schmatzt genüsslich dabei :-)

    Bis bald mal wieder!

  2. Schön, dass die Kleine ihr Hasilein so zu mögen scheint. *g*
    Ich freue mich, euch bald mal wieder zu sehen! :-)