13 March, 2012

Hexipuff Madness - or - What would you do with all those odds and ends of sock yarn?

Knitting involves leftovers of yarn from time to time. If you're like me you just can't throw them away. That's why I started to knit little hexagon-shaped pads. They're about 5cm in diameter and I stuff them a little bit with polyester wool because I want them to be somewhat "puffy". Once I have knit a bazillion of these, I plan to sew them together on the edges to create a quilt. 
At the moment I have about 14 Hexipuffs. Not really that much, I know.. It will take me ages to finish this one! But since this is a long term project, I don't care about the time. ;-) I'll keep you updated!

Oh, I forgot! You can find the pattern here or here

Have a nice day! :-)

Once I'm done, the quilt should look like this one, except the colours. I plan to keep mine more autumn style.

( http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-beekeepers-quilt)


  1. I always wish I could knit so I could make one of those...I'm sure yours will be gorgeous!

  2. Knitting is not that difficult, really! I always thought I could never handle all those needles and stitches and everything. But then I gave it a try and it worked! Sure, you need some practice and I wouldn't recomend to start with something this small. But I'm sure you could make a nice scarf or something! :-)