24 April, 2011

Soap Saver on a Budget

I have all this cotton yarn scraps around and finally decided to turn some of them into something useful. Crochet soap savers are easy as pie and fun to make, and they're a perfect public transport project. I made this one in the bus on my way to university.

You'll need:
Cotton yarn
Matching hook

Chain 6, then slip stitch to form a loop. ch1, then sc6 into loop, slip stitch to finish round, ch1, 2 sc in every sc until you have to slip stitch to finish round. Continue until you reach preferred size, slip stitch and fasten off. Attach tread to center and chain about 30 to 40, attach chain to center again, that's your loop.
ET VOILA, here's your brand new soap saver!

Note: you can make it multi coloured if you use different yarns, or you can create different textures. You could even make a spa scrubby with a nice peeling effect...

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