05 April, 2011

Still alive and kickin'

Life was a bit crazy the last days and there were too many other tasks to deal with.. And no time for blogging or crafting. That's maybe why I decided that it was time for a little something for myself. A girl needs a treat every now and then!

Some flowers and "Alys' Küchengarten" - Original: The Edible Garden
I love Alys Fowler's books. I already have one and it's a pleasure to read it. And Alys shares so many good ideas for small gardens, rich crops and how to have all that on a budget.

BTW: I have some new projects going on and I'll tell you about them soon! ;-)


  1. Hi, I like your blog :)

    I Love Alys Folwer - she did a TV series based on the Edible Garden on the BBC, have you seen it? It was great! I've had her other book 'the thrifty gardener' out from the library for about 6 weeks now - I don't want to give it back!

  2. Hi sooz, thanks! :D
    No, I didn't see it. Sounds very cool! Have to check if I can find it somewhere on the internet.. Maybe youtube. I think the original title of the book I already have is "the thrifty gardener". I couldn't stop reading! Totally understand that you want to keep it!

  3. I love Alys Folwer too - loved her series on BBc and read her book. She is so inspiring ;0)