28 April, 2012

My first New York Cheesecake

I recently tried to make my first cheesecake and I was a bit worried because it was for my mum's birthday and it had to be perfect. Because of me, my mum would have loved it anyways. I'm sort of a perfectionist... sometimes..  But as you can see, it came out great! And it tasted as it looked!
I used this recipe and made some modifications: I used a little less sugar then the recipe requires and for the crust I had McVities Original Digestives on hand which worked perfectly. I wanted my cheesecake to have some fruity contrast to the creamyness, so I made a strawberry topping. I used half a glass of strawberry jam and some water. Just put the jam in a small bowl and mix it with a fork until it softens. Add water dropwise to dilute the jam until it flows from a spoon nicely. It should be like a thik siroup at this point. Prepare your cheescake like the recipe tells you and let it bake for 5 minutes. Take it out of the stove and dispere jam with a spoon. I made circles and used a toothpick to create some kind of marble effect and to make sure the jam will not just stay on the surface but also enter into the cake. Oh, BTW, by follwoing the recipe I got enough cheesecake mass to make a second cake! I put this one in the freezer to have some more yummy cake later and it works perfectly!

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  1. den backe ich gleich nach! Ich liebe Käsekuchen....
    Gruß Pee