10 May, 2012

Faded Flowers Blanket

No, this is no fancy new sweater nor is it a shawl.
And yes, I showed you a work in progress picture some time ago. Remember?

This little blanket is my own creation. I like combinations of blue and cream or beige, they remind me of the sea, beach, dry grass in the wind and sunshine. In one word: summer!

I didn't use a pattern and improvised on the go. The main part is simply single crochet. I found the instructions for the lace trim here: Madmoiselle Chaos. 
Unforetunately I forgot where the flower and leaf pattern came from, but you could use any type of crochet flower you like.
I started this project a while ago, not yet knowing what I was going to do with it once it was finished. While working I happend to be invited to the blessing ceremony of a friends daughter. This was the perfect occasion for this blanket and now it belongs to Liv and I was told that she truly loves it. What a pleasure to hear! :-)

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