27 February, 2011

Fiber Club: Part 1

Last year's christmas gift to myself was a membership in zebisisdesigns fiberclub for three months. Maysha makes wonderful stone whorled handspindles and beautiful fibres, too. The club deal is, you get one spindle and ca. 4 oz. fibre every month for three months. So, my christmas gift will last til march. A surprise box full of lovelyness every month. 

My fisrt club package contained this beautiful top whorl spindle. It has a handcarved rosewood shaft and a silver hook. I love the colour of the whorl. It looks like arctic ice and water.. It's a blue druzy and weights 0.92 oz.

The roving was this blue and green hand painted 50/50 merino silk top. It's so soft and fluffy! :-D Indeed, I'm a bit late posting this, because I already got it a month ago. That's why I can say this roving was such a pleasure to spin! But more about that and the yarn later!

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