02 February, 2011

First steps in soap making

I wanted to make my own soap for such a long time but just could not find the time and energy. Well, I finally gathered all my supplies and gave it a try! I made lavender soap, it's one of my favourite smells.

Look at those lovely bars! I'm so proud... And they smell heavenly!

After mixing all the ingredients and a lot of blending I poured  the raw soap in a silicon cake mold and some plastic food containers I collected over the last few weeks. 

I covered my molds with plastic wrap and then send the soap "sleeping", covered and well isolated with old towels

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the gel phase. The soap changes colour and becomes very hot during this process. I let my soap cool down in the molds for 24 hours and then cut it.

The soap was still very soft, almost like modeling clay. It was easy to get the soap out of the silicone mold but it refused to come out of the plastic containers. Oh well, seems like I need more silicone molds. :-P

Now the bars needs to dry for 4 weeks and then I can use my yummy lavender soap! Can't wait!


  1. These look amazing! I always wanted to try soap-making since I worked at a handmade cosmetics store. Are you going to post the 'recipe'?

    Blue Skies,
    Charlotte xo

  2. Thanks! :D
    I'll maybe post it. Just have to check about the copyright issue.. Or I'll create my own recipe! I feel like going into soap making a bit more. Next will be chamomile soap. I just prepared the chamomile oil and now I have to wait and let it soak for a while.