02 February, 2011


Hi and welcome to my blog! 
This is my first blog ever and I'm pretty exited about it! You'll find on this site everything about my creative live. I'm into sewing, crochet, spinning, kitchen stuff, crafting and creating, home decor and gardening. I like crazy, unusual things.
And of course you'll meet my two kitties, Merlin and Farah. And I'll tell you stories about an ordinary student's life! There are a lot of stories to tell!
As you may have noticed, I'm not a native speaker in English, my language is Swiss German. I speak German, French, English and I'm currently learning Danish. So, please be kind if I make mistakes. I decided to write this blog in English because I want an international blog and I want to improof my English.
And now: Have fun with my blog and stay tuned!

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