08 February, 2011

Garden Plans

It's february now and time to make some garden plans! What will I have this year?! So difficult to decide! Have you ever pondered over a seed catalogue? If you haven't, it's like beeing a little girl in a toy store! Oh, I want this, I want that! And I absolutely NEED that! I have an itsy-bitsy tiny garden with aweful ground. And the place where my plants get enough sun is even tinyer. That's why I'm having a container garden. That also means very limited space. Luckyly, there are a lot of plants which grow well in containers. 
I went through my stash of last seasons seeds and decided to be strong and only buy the absolute minimum! Be frugal, girl, use what you already have.. But, there're at least some plants I NEED..
Last years chilis were awesome and I'm a sucker for cool looking chilis. That's why I bought four new chili sorts.

 Red Cap Mushroom-capsicum sinense
Don't they look cool?! It has a 4 on the 5point scala, so it's quite hot.

Black Hungarian chili-capsicum annuum. It's only a three, but the green leaves should be highlighted by purple veins. So pretty! And black chilis are cool! : D

Sweet Hungarian Pepper-Capsicum annuum. The dried and ground fruit gives you the real hungarian red and sweet pepper. Now I have a whole summer to find out how to grind them..

Tequilla Sunrise Chili-Capsicum annuum, Pro Specie Rara
I needed more colour and this yellow is just lovely.

I have a deal with a good friend: We'll exchange the plants we don't need. So I'll get at least two or three sorts more. YAY!

I love herbs, too. I already have some (Sage, mint, rosemary) and I have seeds for basil. I need more (thinking about making my own garden herb soap!) I decided on St.John's wort and borrage because I think borrage is pretty. (Silly me..) I will also have verveine and bee balm.

All pictures taken  here

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