04 February, 2011

Testing Tea - Results

After intense and highly scientific testing now to the restults (BTW, tea testing sounds like t-testing! lol! Funny, isn't? No..? Ok, not funny.. Seems like I'm still significantly influenced by the stats class I took last spring.. Must be my nerdy sense of humor)

OMG, this tea is bagged in fabric bags! That makes it even more exclusive.

The white silver needle jasmine tea you see on the picture was delicious. I could get used to it. ;) The rooibos tangerine tea was ok. But as I mentioned, I don't like rooibos too much. So it must be a really good one when I think it is ok, though. I must admit I'm a bit hooked now by this brand. I'm probaly going to order the sample box which contains three bags of every flavour.

1 comment:

  1. I quite like rooibos tea, but I love jasmine tea ;0)