17 February, 2011

Pro Verzasca Yarn

May I inrtoduce my latest spinning: A lovely creamy-beige single spun.

This one is made of very special wool, even if the sheep is unknown.. The roving was a gift of my mother. She got it in the Valle di Verzasca, Canton Tessin, Switzerland. Way back in this small valley, there's a small town, Sonogno. They started to produce wool, plant dyed yarns, embroidery and woodworks in the 1930's to come over the economic crisis back then. Soon they founded the association Pro Verzasca, which is still working today. You can visit their website, unforetunately, it's only in German, French, and Italian.. I really need to visit Sonogno myself and see all the lovely plantdyed yarn and wool. :-P Maybe this summer...

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